In this trailer episode, Melyssa introduces herself and shares about how she became a Virtual Assistant turned Business Coach, all while juggling her kid’s crazy sports schedules.

She’s on a mission to share with other moms the life changing time and financial freedom you can have as a Virtual Assistant.

Tune in weekly as we discuss topics from deciding what type of business to launch, creating offers, digital marketing, and connecting with clients, we are going to cover the essential business foundations without the fluff all while balancing motherhood.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Melyssa: Hello and welcome mamas. Hey, I’m Melyssa Munday and I am so freaking thrilled to welcome you to the Mamas Making More podcast. I’m really glad that you found your way here and you are definitely in the right spot if you’re a mom wanting to make money from home and experience major flexibility for your family. I really believe that this is an amazing podcast space to navigate motherhood and entrepreneurship together. I have a feeling that this is gonna be my favorite mom squad. 

[00:00:29] Melyssa: So who the heck am I even to be coming into your ear holes and leading us on this journey together? So four years ago, I was a single mom of four kids working part-time at a corporate job. I never really felt like I was giving enough to my job or my family. I knew I wanted a different way, and I knew I wanted more. I wanted more flexibility to work around my kids’ busy activities and sports schedules. I wanted more control over the type of work I was doing, and [00:01:00] importantly, more control over my ability to grow and earn a higher income.

[00:01:04] Melyssa: I took a gigantic leap of faith, quit my job, moved to a brand new state, and started a business as a virtual assistant. The result of that action was more of all of those things that I wanted, along with getting married and gaining a bonus daughter along. Having my own business as a virtual assistant rocked our family’s world in so many positive ways. The time and financial freedom are huge benefits. I have personally never felt as proud, fulfilled, and successful in the corporate world, in my corporate roles as I do now as a small business owner. 

[00:01:41] Melyssa: As much as I love working as a virtual assistant after time, I again started to get that nagging little itch for more. Are you seeing a theme here? Can you guess why I picked the podcast name? Mamas Making More? So this resulted in a transition into the coaching and course creation [00:02:00] space. I have met so many moms who didn’t even know that having their own business in the online space was not only possible, but easily attainable.

[00:02:10] Melyssa: That’s really my mission to educate other moms about having your own online business. Now I’m a busy mom of five and a business coach helping moms just like you start, launch and grow an online business to make money from home. And in case you’re not super familiar with it, what I’m referring to is a virtual assisting business, which is simply one where you are working for yourself, providing an online service to other businesses or individuals.

[00:02:38] Melyssa: You are the. So you might be thinking that this sounds, , a little bit boring and like a lot of admin work, and I totally get it. But what I’m here to tell you is that virtual assisting is really just an easy umbrella type of phrase that actually encompasses so many service options within it. Trust me girl, I will have an entire episode [00:03:00] soon breaking down all the types of services you can provide in your business.

[00:03:05] Melyssa: I want to help you turn something that you are passionate about into a profitable business. 

[00:03:11] Melyssa: New episodes will be released every Monday, and yes, of course, I picked that day of the week to drop new episodes because my last name is Monday. From deciding what type of business to launch, creating offers, digital marketing and connecting with clients, we’re gonna cover the essential business foundations without all the fluff, all while balancing motherhood.

[00:03:33] Melyssa: There will be a mix of solo episodes, interviews, and even spotlights on real life moms with successful business stories. Tune in to find inspiration, motivation, and the tools you need to create the life and business you want more of. 

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