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If you know you want to start an online business or side hustle but you’re not sure where to, well… start, you need to read this blog! I’ll help you find a sense of direction for your online business, and give you some of my best ideas about what your business could be!

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Remember when you were growing up and you assumed that there were three jobs to choose from? For me, it was: a doctor, lawyer, or actress. Whatever yours were, I’m sure you remember the feeling. 

I find that people run into a similar problem when they begin thinking about starting an online business. People immediately assume that if they’re not working on social media, copywriting, or as a virtual assistant, there’s no other option for starting an online business. I’m here to erase that assumption from your mind! 

How to figure out online business options

I am absolutely certain that you have a gift or a talent worth sharing with the world. The trouble is how do you identify it? I like to start with these four simple questions:

What experience do I have? 

Think about all of the unique things that you bring to the table, and then start to consider which you have the most experience with. If you’re torn between two ideas, choosing the one you know best is usually the smart call. 

What am I passionate about?

There’s no sense in starting an online business about something you don’t feel passionately about. Think about things that set your soul on fire!

What am I good at?

No right or wrong answers here! Just list out things you’ve got a real knack for. Look over your list and see if there are any running themes, or groups of activities, that might form into an idea for an online business.

What could I speak about for 30 minutes with no preparation?

The ultimate gut-check! Just because you know something, doesn’t mean that everyone else knows it– lean into your expertise!

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Fresh ideas for an online business

Now that you have an idea (or some ideas) of potential online businesses that would interest you, I’d like to share my list of online business ideas. If any of these ideas resonate with what you discovered in the above questions, please feel free to use them! 

Human Resources Consultant

Every company needs help from human resources, but not every company is large enough to maintain an entire department. If HR is your niche, why not build an empire of small companies that you can assist?

Color/Wardrobe Expert

Got an eye for fashion? Not everyone does! Consider offering your services to help people online shop for clothes, or meet them on a video call for a color consultation.

Wellness or Fitness Coach

You’ve put hours into your personal training certificate, but you might not be maximizing your potential audience. Offering online personal training, wellness coaching, and other healthy-living tips could open you up to an entirely new world of clients! 

Meal Planning Maven

Where kitchen skills meet project management. Connect with people and help them make their menu goals a reality– this could be shaped around macros, or someone wanting to learn to cook. The options are endless!

Photo Organizer 

I’m pretty sure most people are wandering around with at least 50 photos to organize or delete from their libraries at any given moment. This isn’t a scientific number, but you get the idea! Sometimes it takes an eye for organization and cohesion to help get those photo albums under control.

Youtube Editor

If you’ve got editing skills, you’ll be booked and busy! Youtube is becoming ever more popular, and there are plenty of creators who need help with editing their videos. 

Podcast Producer

Podcasts are incredibly popular, and audio talent is sorely needed! Use your audio engineering chops to help podcast dreamers publish their shows.

The best part of all of these ideas? I have seen every single one of them function beautifully as an online business already. The world is just waiting for you to take the leap!

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